Our new home

Yup, this is our new website and online shop - but did you know that we’ve got our studio open to everyone located on Main & 17th? We’ve been here for nearly four years, making incremental changes here and there, and watching the seasons change in Vancouver, Canada. There are only two seasons in Vancouver: rain, and no rain. Or, rain and less rain. Or, no sun and rain. We talk about the weather a lot, and probably due to global warming, had the best weather ever this year!

This is a photo from the seawall, which is this amazing pathway that winds all along the coast around downtown Vancouver. It’s really incredible to go for a walk or bike ride along the seawall, and at any time turn into downtown for some food or shopping. Another thing about the seawall is that it goes all the way around Stanley Park, which is like Vancouver’s version of Central Park in New York in that it’s right downtown, is huge and full of attractions, and provides some incredible air. The one thing that makes it better than Central Park is that it looks right out into the open ocean (well, you can see Vancouver Island in the distance). All in all, this is a mini expanation of why housing costs are insane here.

And, here is our work•shop! We’re around the corner from Main on 17th Ave (on the west side) and no, we do not sell plants (though we did offer air plants back in 2010). Hach+Hart is the fusion of two crazy people who want to make quality product locally, and we do things a little bit differently. Stop by, and you’ll see what we mean by this.

More to come, thanks for stopping by!


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